August 3, 2011

The Reading Plan

I'm teaching my last child to read.  It's a bittersweet thing.  I've used this same general plan for all my kids....he just has a few resources that the older boys didn't have.

It's hard to show in a list like this, but once he starts reading the Now I'm Reading series, he will read one book a day AND play a game or watch a Starfall video.  We spend between 10 and 20 minutes on 'reading instruction'.  Some time in a book reading and some in a hands-on type activity.  I usually have him watch the movies on his own, during a time I'm working with his older brothers. So, on any given day he reads a short book with me, we play a game, and he then watches a movie, plays around on Starfall, or does a worksheet.

I use a lot of games from Happy Phonics (HP).  I'm only going to link to it once!

Leap Frog Videos
Starfall (basic ABCs)
Keep Away*
Letter Go-Fish
Alphabet Bingo
Muffin Match (upper/lower case letters) - from HP
Castle Game (short vowel sounds) from HP
I Can Read Cards (HP) – CVC words - from HP
Starfall Learn to Read games 1-5, Skills movies #1-3
more.Starfall – Word Machines
more.Starfall – Short Vowel Pals
Meet the Sight Words (dvd – watch one video every few days, do coloring pages)
Build a Sentence – some sight words, mostly CVC -from HP
Scrambled Sentences - sight words, mostly CVC -from HP
Meet the Blends (dvd)
Starfall Learn to Read, Skills movies #4-8
Meet the Digraphs (dvd)

Start Now I’m Reading series by Nora Gaydos
Animal Antics books 1-5, then Playful Pals 1-5….
then go back to Animal Antics books 6-10 and Playful Pals 6-10

Read one book a day, repeat the same book for 2 to 3 days….continue to move through the series (Clever Critters, Snack Attack, Amazing Animals, On the Go**)

Sight Word Bingo; Roll, Keep, Say or Keep Away*
Silent E game (HP)
Starfall Learn to Read games 6-10
Climb the E Tree (HP) – various sounds of “e”
Sight Word Bingo; Roll, Keep, Say or Keep Away
CH, SH, TH, WH Game (HP)
The E-A Game (HP) – watch Between the Lions EA video
Starfall Learn to Read game 11
Starfall Learn to Read, Skills movies 9-11
Climb the E Tree, gradually move up to level 4 (HP)
Sight Word Bingo; Roll, Keep, Say or Keep Away
First Nurse Game (HP) – er, ir, ur, wor, ear
Starfall Learn to Read games 12-14
Y Not? (HP) – y_____, _y, ___y, and __y__
Three in a Row (HP) – oi, oy
Sight Word Bingo; Roll, Keep, Say or Keep Away
Boat Launch (HP) – au, aw
Mountain Climber (HP) – oa, ow, oa
Silly Sentences word strip game
Space Race (HP) – gn, kn, wr, ____b
Climb the E Tree last level

Begin Dr. Seuss, Frog and Toad and other books
Begin All About Spelling Level 1 (unless his writing is good enough to start earlier) - I feel like this program fills in any holes I might have missed.

* Keep away is a game where I hold a stack of cards.  I show him one card at a time and if he knows the letter sound, name or word he can keep the card.  If he doesn't, then I keep it.  Whoever has the most cards at the end, wins.  I always lose.

**more.Starfall has many beginning reader books in the “More Phonics” and “Backpack Bear’s Books” sections if he needs more practice than the Now I’m Reading books.

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