August 24, 2011

Frogs by Nic Bishop

FrogsFrogs by Nic Bishop

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As strange as it may sound, we're reading this for Circle Time! My little guys are LOVING the book. The pictures are amazing. If I didn't know it's impossible to do, I'd say that Bishop was staging the photos and asking the frogs to pose. There is just enough information to keep it interesting without feeling like you're reading a textbook. We've read many, many books about frogs and this still has new stuff to learn. My 5-year-old has been walking around for days spouting frog facts. The older boys have read it 3 or 4 times themselves.  And I'll just say it right now....see-through frogs are gross.  My 7-year-old has commented many, many times, "I didn't even know they existed!"

We own several Nic Bishop books and I will continue to buy them whenever I can. (I could check them out from the library but they are so well done I want them in my home library as I KNOW they'll be read over and over again.) At the end of the book he spends a page or two discussing what it was like to shoot the pictures and travel around. It makes you feel like a real person made the book and that that person is your cool friend.

Highly recommended.

Here is a list of his other books (done in the style of Frogs)....I hope he makes many more!
Butterflies and Moths

There are two "field guide" type books, but I've never seen them in person.
Backyard Detective: Critters Up Close
Forest Explorer: A Life-Sized Field Guide

And a Scientist in the Field series...but I think he's only the photographer in these.  I'm not sure if it's the same great style as the others.

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  1. I'm a new homeschooling mom and I was so happy to see this book. This is one that we have on our shelves and we love it also. I will have to look for his other ones.