August 30, 2011

Kid History

Just wanted to pass on some videos that my children LOVE. This is the first one, but there are 6 in total so make sure you watch them all (each of us thinks a different one is the best). Before you watch you need to know this....some brothers in their 30s asked their kids/nieces/nephews to retell some stories about their dads/uncles lives and then the adults acted out the stories. FACT - it's hilarious. And as an aside, my husband and I have been laughing our heads off about #6 where the mom cooks healthy foods and says to her poor kids, "Here are your perfectly normal pancakes....You'll never taste it!" Oh, the times I've said that to my dear children...


  1. I just found out about these yesterday! I haven't watched them all, yet, but they're hilarious! And it's fun that it's a Utah, LDS family.

  2. F.A.C.T. or is it FAAACCCTTTT!!!! We love these at my house too. My kids discovered them this summer while we were home visiting family!

  3. We love these at our house. Good clean fun, even when drinking from a gutter. Ha ha ha . . .