October 17, 2009

John Paul Jones


There's a story behind this book. My husband received this as a gift from his Uncle Terry in the second or third grade and it became "his favorite book." When I was pulling together a list of books for American History he recommended this one but couldn't remember the author so I spent over 3 hours looking at every John Paul Jones book ever written. We finally figured out it was this one, but the cheapest copy I could find was $75!!!!! Sorry, honey, not going to happen.

So I hit eBay and found it for $1. My love for eBay knows no bounds. The boys were super excited to read their dad's favorite book from when he was their age. And to make it even more fun, dad was the one to read it to them.

They all really enjoyed it. One night the 5-yr-old fell asleep before they started reading so they voted to wait until the next night because he (the 5-yr-old) would be really sad to miss it. Everyone could tell me what was happening in the story and were really animated in their retellings.

A great "boy" book. Highly recommended if you can find a copy for a decent price! Not "necessary" for American history, but a great story about a really cool guy. I mean, he has one of the most awesome quotes in all of history, "I have not yet begun to fight." I so wish I could figure out ways to use that throughout my day.

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