October 23, 2009

The First Marathon: The Legend of Pheidippides

The First Marathon: The Legend of Pheidippides by Susan Reynolds
What you need to know to begin with is that I'm a big baby.

So, we read this book and it's all about courage and sacrifice and honor and all those wonderful things. And the book is very well-written and pulls you right in. We get to the end and I'm bawling like a baby. I can barely finish the last few pages. My kids see my crying so they start crying and pretty soon it's just a room full of weeping, snotty people.

They asked why I was crying so we were able to talk a little about how heroism like this touches me deeply. We ended up having a great discussion.

We read the book several times before we returned it to the library.

Definitely read this in your study of ancient Greece. A beautiful telling of the legend of Pheidippides.

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