March 24, 2010


I have lists and lists of books we want to study for science, divided more or less by habitat/biome. We have not read through them all, but I wanted to start posting them so others can use them and so that I don't ever lose them if my computer crashes! Of course any suggestions of books or movies or topics are always appreciated. I'll update these as we do them.


Main book: One Small Square - Woods by Don Silver

Topics to cover:
Leaf structure
Seed dispersal
Surviving the winter
Food chains/webs
Woodland Insects

Books to use:
All About Owls - Jim Arnosky
All About Deer - Jim Arnosky
Chipmunks on the Doorstep --Edwin Tunis
Grizzly Bears - Gail Gibbons
Prickly Porcupines - Shannon Zemlicka
Rabbits, Rabbits & More Rabbits! - Gail Gibbons
What is a Bear? - Bobbie Kalman
Who Grows Up in the Forest? - Theresa Longenecker
Wolves - Gail Gibbons
Redwoods Are the Tallest Trees in the World - David A. Adler
Why Do Leaves Change Color? - Betsy Maestro

Bald Eagle – Gordon Morrison
Bird Talk - Roma Gans
Birds Are Flying - John Kaufmann
Birds at night - Roma Gans
Birds Eat and Eat and Eat - Roma Gans
Birds That Don't Fly - Bobbie Kalman
Home At Last: A Song of Migration – April Pulley Sayre
How Birds Fly - Bobbie Kalman
How Do Birds Find Their Way - Roma Gans
Nest Full of Eggs – Priscilla Belz Jenkins
Soaring With the Wind: The Bald Eagle - Gail Gibbons
Owls - Gail Gibbons
Strange Birds - Bobbie Kalman
When Birds Change Their Feathers – Roma Gans

Among the Forest People - Clara Dillingham Pierson
Among the Night People - Clara Dillingham Pierson
Animals in Winter – Henrietta Bancroft and Richard Van Gelder
Big Tracks; Little Tracks – Millicent Selsam
Crinkleroot's Guide to Animal Tracking - Jim Arnosky
Forest Explorer: A Life-Sized Field Guide - Nic Bishop
How to Be a Nature Detective: Following Animal Tracks - Millicent Ellis Selsam
I See Animals Hiding - Jim Arnosky
What Do Animals Do in Winter?: How Animals Survive the Cold - Melvin Berger
Where Are the Night Animals? – Mary Ann Fraser

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