March 24, 2010

Basher books

We currently have in our home two books by Simon Basher, Astronomy and the Periodic Table. I have two more at my mom's house waiting for me to make the long, long drive. And I will.

My boys are LOVING the Basher books. My little 6-year-old follows me around the house, begging me to read the book on the Periodic Table. Yes, he wants to read about elements. My husband is amazed at how much the kid asks for the book. My reluctant reader is trying very, very hard to read the books by himself.

The information is solid, but presented in a humorous and thus memorable manner. The illustrations are fantastic. Yes, you need real photographs of some of these things, but golly, have we learned a lot.

As mentioned above, I don't have all the books so I can't guarantee they are all great. But I can say that so far I'm extremely pleased with the series and will gladly buy the rest. Very, very highly recommended.

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