March 29, 2010

Physics booklist

Here is a list of books and movies I have put together for our study of physics. We'll hit it later this year. I have not read each book, but have read the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads to get a feel for whether they are appropriate or not. We rent most of our videos from A Plus Video Rentals because our library has nothing.

I'll be using this with 2 fifth graders and a first grader. We'll do the experiments listed in Real Science for Kids and add any others from the experiment books that the boys really want to do.

Physics Course Ideas
(to be used for 1st through 6th grade)

Real Science 4 Kids Pre-level 1 and Level 1

Additional resources (mostly to be looked through for fun):
Exploring the World of Physics – John Tiner
Picture History of Great Inventors – Gillian Clements
Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia
Usborne Internet-Linked Mysteries and Marvels of Nature

Videos listed below from A Plus Video Rentals or from
BrainPop and BrainPopJr – or

Chapter 1 What is physics?
Foolish Physics (Weird History of Science) – John Townsend
Gravity is a Mystery – Franklyn Branley
Weight and Weightlessness - Franklyn Mansfield Branley

BrainPopJr – Sink or float
BrainPop – Gravity

All About Forces & Gravity (Physical Science for Children)
Gravity – Bill Nye
Gravity (Physical Science in Action)
Gravity (Science Court Series)

Chapter 2 Force, energy and work
Forces and Movement (Straightforward Science) – Peter Riley
Forces Make Things Move - Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Hands on Science – Forces and Motion – Sarah Angliss
Horrible Science: Fatal Forces – Nick Arnold

BrainPopJr – Pushes and pulls
BrainPop – Force

Forces (Physical Science in Action)
Forces (Discovery School series)
Energy – Bill Nye
What is Energy?

Chapter 3 Potential and kinetic energy
How Do You Lift a Lion? – Robert Wells
Streamlined – John Kaufmann

BrainPop – Kinetic energy

All About Transfer of Energy
Energy: Potential and Kinetic

Chapter 4 Motion
BrainPop – Acceleration
Newton’s Law of Motion

All About Motion & Balance

Chapter 5 Energy of atoms and molecules
BrainPop – Nuclear energy
Fuel cells

Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Energy – Bill Nye

Chapter 6 Electrical energy and charge
All About Electricity - Melvin Berger
Charged Up – The Story of Electricity – Jacqui Bailey
Electricity (Straightforward Science) – Peter Riley
Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip – Joanna Cole
Shocking Story of Electricity – Anna Claybourne
Switch On, Switch Off - Melvin Berger

BrainPop – Electricity
Electric circuits

All About the Uses of Energy

Chapter 7 Moving electric charges and heat
BrainPopJr - Heat
BrainPop – Static electricity
Current electricity

All About Heat
Heat and Chemical Energy
Transfer of Energy

Chapter 8 Magnets and electromagnets
Hands On Science: Electricity and Magnetism – Sarah Angliss
Magnetism (Straightforward Science) – Peter Riley
What Makes a Magnet? - Franklyn M. Branley

BrainPopJr - Magnets
BrainPop – Magnetism
Electromagnetic induction

All About Magnets (Physical Science for Children)
Electromagnetic Energy
Magnetism – Bill Nye

Chapter 9 Light and Sound
All About Light - Melvin Berger
All About Sound - Melvin Berger
Color - Ruth Heller
Hands On Science: Sound and Light – Sarah Angliss (maybe use as a spine)
High Sounds, Low Sounds - Franklyn Mansfield Branley
Light and Color (Straighforward Science) – Peter Riley
Magic School Bus Gets a Bright Idea – Nancy White
Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow – Joanna Cole
Rubber Band Banjos – Alex Sabbeth
Sounds All Around - Wendy Pfeffer

BrainPopJr – Light
BrainPop –Light
Refraction and diffraction
Electromagnetic spectrum
Albert Einstein

Chapter 10 Conservation of energy
BrainPopJr – Natural resources
BrainPop – Natural resources
Wind energy
Solar energy

Experiment books to use throughout study:
Ben Franklin Book of Easy and Incredible Experiments - Lisa Jo Rudy
Gizmo’s and Gadgets – Jill Frankel Hauser
Rubber Band Banjos – Alex Sabbeth
Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids – Kerrie Logan Hollihan

Biographies to read throughout study:
Did it Take Creativity to Find Relativity, Albert Einstein? – Melvin Berger
Albert Einstein – Mike Venezia
Albert Einstein – Early Biographies – Dana Meachen Rau
What Makes Light Bright, Thomas Edison? – Gilda and Melvin Berger
Einstein: Visionary Scientist - John Severance
Story of Thomas Alva Edison - Margaret Cousins
Thomas Alva Edison: Inventing the Electric Age – Gene Adair
Who Was Albert Einstein? - Jess Brallier

How Benjamin Franklin Stole the Lightning – Rosalyn Schanzer
(We have studied Franklin already so are only hitting him lightly here. If you haven't already studied him, you might want to read a bit more.)

Isaac Newton and His Apple – Kjartan Poskitt
Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids – Kerrie Logan Hollihan
Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion – Andrea Gianopoulos
Isaac Newton: Giants of Science – Kathleen Krull

Michael Faraday (Trailblazers) – Derick Bingham
Faraday: Pioneer of Electricity – Brian Williams

Archimedes and the Door of Science – Jeanne Bendick

Simple Machines:
Simple Machines (Starting With Science) – Deborah Hodge
Simply Science: Simple Machines – Discover Science Through Facts and Fun – Steve Way

Manipulatives to use:
Ein-O’s Discovery Tank – Mechanical Science
K’Nex building set

BrainPopJr – Simple machines
BrainPop: Inclined planes
Wheel and Axle

Mechanical Energy
All About Simple Machines
Simple Machines – Bill Nye
Simple Machines (Physical Science in Action)
Work and Simple Machines

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