March 27, 2010

Human Body study

We have already done a unit on the human body. You can see what we did and which books we used here.

This is the original list of books I wanted to use, but since my library didn't have most of them, I used what I could, bought a few and left the rest for later.

Human Body
Main Book - Eyewitness Explorers - Human Body
Blood and Guts - Linda Allison

Your Skin and Mine - Paul Showers

On the Move – Deborah Heiligman
Magic School Bus Flexes Its Muscles (video)
You Can't Make a Move Without Your Muscles - Paul Showers

The Skeleton Inside You – Philip Balestrino

I Know How My Cells Make Me Grow – Kate Rowan

How Many Teeth - Paul Showers
I Know Why I Brush My Teeth - Kate Rowan

Circulatory system
Drop of Blood -Paul Showers
Hear Your Heart - Paul Showers

Respiratory system
Oxygen Keeps You Alive - Franklyn Mansfield Branley

Use Your Brain - Paul Showers

Staying healthy/Germs
Germs make me sick - Melvin Berger
H is for Hygiene - Keith Turner
I Know How We Fight Germs - Kate Rowan
The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie: A Book About Germs - Joanna Cole
No Measles, No Mumps for Me - Paul Showers
Sleep Is For Everyone - Paul Showers
Wash Your Hands! (germs) – Tony Ross
What Makes You Ill? – Usborne
Why I Cough, Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, & Yawn - Melvin Berger

The five senses
Find Out by Touching - Paul Showers
Follow your nose - Paul Showers
I Can Tell by Touching – Carolyn Otto
The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses – Joanna Cole
Me and My Senses – Joan Sweeney
My Five Senses - Aliki
My Hands - Aliki
You Can't Smell a Flower with Your Ear! All About Your Five Senses - Joanna Cole

Fat and skinny - Philip Balestrino
Health Hygiene and Nutrition - Deirdre Englehart

Ears Are for Hearing - Paul Showers
Look at Your Eyes - Paul Showers

Digestive System
I Know Where My Food Goes (digestion) - Kate Rowan
What Happens to a Hamburger? - Paul Showers
Why Do People Eat? - Usborne

All Kinds of Feet - Ron Goor
The Body Book - Donald Silver
Everybody Has a Body: Science from Head to Toe – Robert Rockwell, et al
From Head to Toe: The Amazing Human Body and How It Works – Barbara Seuling
How Our Bodies Work - Joe Kaufman
How We Grow - Joe Kaufman
How We Learn -Joe Kaufman
How You Talk - Paul Showers
The Human Body: A First Discovery Book – Claude Delafosse
I'm Growing! - Aliki
The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body - Joanna Cole
Me and My Amazing Body – Joan Sweeney
Me and My Family Tree - Paul Showers
My Feet, Aliki
My First Body Book – Christopher Rice
Straight Hair, Curly Hair - Augusta R Goldin
Usborne What’s Inside You
Why Don't Haircuts Hurt: Questions and Answers About Your Body - Melvin Berger
Your Insides - Joanna Cole

Babies (Jump Into Science) - Deborah Heiligman
Baby Starts to Grow - Paul Showers
Before You Were a Baby - Paul Showers
How You Were Born -Joanna Cole
How Was I Born - Lennart Nilsson
How We are Born - Joe Kaufman

MIDDLE SCHOOL (in addition to using some of the above)
Bones: Our Skeletal System – Simon Seymour
The Brain: Our Nervous System - Simon Seymour
Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross – Augusta Stevenson
Clara Barton: Soldier of Mercy – Mary Catherine Rose
Cuts, Breaks, Bruises, and Burns: How Your Body Heals – Joanna Cole
Elizabeth Blackwell: Girl Doctor – Joanne Landers Henry
Eyes and Ears - Simon Seymour
Eyewitness Visual Dictionary of the Human Body – Deni Brown
The Heart: Our Circulatory System - Simon Seymour
The Human Body – Sally Morgan
Human Body, (Usborne Internet-Linked) – Kirsteen Rogers
Muscles: Our Muscular System - Simon Seymour

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  1. This is a great list, thanks! We are doing a human body study with lapbooks right now. I have a good stack of books but I'm going to add a few of yours.