March 2, 2010

Why do we homeschool?

Let me start with a story.....

Once upon a time we adopted a 2 1/2 year old from a Russian orphanage.  When we brought him home we kept him home for a few years to create a family bond and try to help him "catch up".  Pre-K came around and we opted for an in-home special education program where the teacher came to our home once a week to work with him.  At the end of the year she administered a test to see if he qualified for K special ed.  I sat in the room while she prompted him to find the correct answers.  He "passed" the test and did not qualify.  In my mommy heart I knew he couldn't do the work - I lived with the child, I knew what he was capable of.  I'd worked with him for 3 YEARS and he still didn't know his colors or shapes, let alone numbers or letters.  I appealed the decision and was told since he passed he didn't qualify.  I told them how the teacher had prompted him in his responses.  They didn't believe or didn't care.  We asked if our other son could attend kindergarten with his brother then (he had missed the deadline by 5 days but was ready for K).  The answer was no.  So the adopted son was going into a mainstream classroom where I knew he would fail.  Alone.

My husband and I discussed our options and decided to keep him home for kindergarten to try to catch him up, again.  And to give the other son the challenge he needed.  By the end of the first year homeschooling we were pretty much sold on it.  And they all lived happily ever after.  Most of the time.

So, here's why we homeschool.

1.  It allows us to tailor the education to the child.  One of the boys has learning difficulties and in our homeschool we can change and modify and chuck it out and start all over again if we need to.

2.  We get to spend time together every day.  All day.

3.  I know exactly what they're learning and can discuss our religious views and political opinions as they learn.  I know they aren't being indoctrinated with something I disagree with.

4.  Religion is a major focus of our day.

5.  I get to learn along with them.  I feel smarter because of the things we learn together.  No more mommy mush brain.

6.  I hate getting up early.  And my kids sleep late.  I think it's almost criminal to wake a sleeping child so I like to let them sleep.  (My husband thinks that's a really dumb reason, but I'm just being honest.)

7.  My husband is in the military and we move a lot.  A LOT.  Homeschooling allows us the time as a family when he's home and gives us structure and stability when he's not.  The kids also don't have to start and stop new schools at the most random of times.

8.  I get to choose the books.  I love books.

9.  We get to spend our evenings together as a family and don't have to worry about homework.

10.  We don't fight about homework.

11.  The kids have time to be kids.  Because we get stuff done faster working one-on-one or in small groups, the boys have more time to play or explore.

12.  We can take a day off to enjoy the snow that only comes twice a year or play in the sun or take a vacation in the off-season to avoid crowds.

13.  It's fun.  I love it.  The kids love it.  (But some days it's not fun.  Some days it stinks.  Mostly it's fun though.)

14.  I get to watch all the A-HA moments - when their eyes light up with new found understanding or when they discover something fantastic.  The world is amazing to kids and I love that fresh attitude and wonder - it helps me see the wonder and glory of the world too.

15.  We homeschool because it works for our family and it's the best choice for us.

Now, I should probably go round up the kids and teach them something.  Or most likely, they'll teach me something.


  1. All great reasons for homeschooling. I admire that part of you--I would go nuts if I had to spend all day, every day with my family (as much as I adore them).

  2. Love it! These are great reasons, I share many of them - especially the one about getting to spend all day every day with my kids :) And yes, I relate to the occasional day that stinks too!

  3. That is wonderful story. Thank you for sharing!