March 23, 2010

African Savanna

I have lists and lists of books we want to study for science, divided more or less by habitat/biome. We have not read through them all, but I wanted to start posting them so others can use them and so that I don't ever lose them if my computer crashes! Of course any suggestions of books or movies or topics are always appreciated. I'll update these as we do them.

African Savanna

Main book: One Small Square: African Savanna by Don Silver

Topics to cover:
Tree dwellers
Grass dwellers
Food chain
Night on the savanna
Rainy season

Books to use:
Camels: Ships of the Desert - John Frederick Waters
Elephant Families - Arthur Dorros
Explore Africa - Bobbie Kalman
Giraffes at Home - Robert M. Quackenbush
How Animal Babies Stay Safe – Mary Ann Fraser.
Life Cycle of a Lion - Bobbie Kalman
Magic School Bus Gets Eaten: A Book About Food Cycles – Patricia Relf
Savanna Habitat - Bobbie Kalman
What Color Is Camouflage? – Carolyn Otto
What is a Primate? - Bobbie Kalman
Who Eats What? Food Chains and Food Webs – Patricia Lauber
Who Grows Up in the Desert? - Theresa Longenecker

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