March 23, 2010


I have lists and lists of books we want to study for science, divided more or less by habitat/biome. We have not read through them all, but I wanted to start posting them so others can use them and so that I don't ever lose them if my computer crashes! Of course any suggestions of books or movies or topics are always appreciated. I'll update these as we do them.


Main book: One Small Square: Pond by Don Silver

Topics to cover:
Pond insects
Surface tension
Food chains
Microscopic life
Bottom dwellers
Ponds at night
Surviving the seasons

Books to use:
Among the Pond People - Clara Dillingham Pierson

What Is An Amphibian? - Bobbie Kalman
What Is a Reptile? – Bobbie Kalman

Beaver at Long Pond - William George
Pond – Gordon Morrison
Pond Watching With Ann Morgan - Michael Ross

Ducks - Gail Gibbons
Ducks Don't Get Wet – Augusta Goldin

All About Frogs - Jim Arnosky
Fantastic Frogs – Fay Robinson
Frogs - Gail Gibbons
Frogs - Nic Bishop
From Tadpole to Frog - Wendy Pfeffer or Shannon Zemlicka
How Do Frogs Swallow With Their Eyes? - Melvin Berger
Spring Peepers - Graham Booth
What I like about toads - Judy Hawes
Why Frogs are Wet - Judy Hawes

All About Turtles - Jim Arnosky
Box Turtle at Long Pond - William George
Look Out for Turtles! - Melvin Berger
Turtle Talk: A Beginner's Book of Logo - Seymour Simon

Ride the Wind: Airborne Journeys of Animals and Plants – Simon Seymour
Water Plants - Laurence P. Pringle

Snakes Are Hunters – Patricia Lauber
A Water Snake's Year - Doris Gove

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