December 10, 2010

My lovely long skirts

Sadly, I do not sew.  Let me amend that.  I do know how to sew but I do NOT know how to cut out a pattern.  My grandmother always did that part, then she'd pin it together and I'd sew it on the machine.

I have set a goal to learn how to sew, really sew, but haven't found anyone in my local area that can teach me.

So, I bought some skirts.  To tide me over until I learn....whenever that is.....

Some of you asked for pictures.  My camera is broken, or it hates me, I'm not sure which.  But I got them at New Creation Apparel.
Aline Seams Heather Gray 98% cotton, 2% Spandex       Brick Red Flax 53.9% flax  46.1% cotton

Black Diamond Comfort a combination of cotton, spandex and polyester

This last one is my absolute favorite and it's the one I went walking in!!!!  It has a zipper on the bottom allowing it to "open up" for walking.  It is 98% cotton, 2% spandex.  The one to the left of it is also a blend of cotton/spandex (70%/30%). 

The customer service is absolutely incredible.  They were out of stock on a few items and they immediately contacted me via email, then phone.  They worked very hard to make sure I was happy.  Shipping was fast and quality is excellent.

If you know of any other companies/persons that sell modest skirts, please let me know.  I'm always on the hunt for good quality, attractive, feminine clothes.


  1. Oh, I like them! I could wear those. Now to deal with the white feet? What do you wear on your feet?

  2. Fun! I remember looking at skirts there before. I'm like you with sewing. Trying to figure out the patterns and all the abbreviations makes it overwhelming to try to start anything major on my own. I keep saying one of these days! What kind of fabric is the 1st and 4th? Those are cute.

  3. Nice! I wish they had girls sizes. My daughter LOVES skirts but it is very hard to find modest ones for her. She is in a little girls size 8. If anyone knows of a site to find them in her size, please post! :0)