September 2, 2010


I cancelled our Netflix.
I cancelled BrainPop.
I cancelled A+ Educational Video (an online rental for educational videos).

I am not a popular mom right now.
Apparently there is nothing fun to do in our house.
I didn't know it before, but now I do....everything is boring, boring, boring.
I've been voted the Worst Parent in the World Who Wants Her Kids to be Mad and Bored.
If we were on an island, I'd be voted off.

My house is really clean though.
Whenever they complain they earn the privilege of doing a chore.
Because I care.
And I don't want them to be bored.

They are reading a lot more now.
And we're playing a ton of games together.

Who knows what will happen next?
The DVDs are crying and trying to hide it a corner.
They know they're about to go.
The Wii is scared of me.
It should be.


  1. Way to go Heather! Your kids will get over it I promise. They will thank you one day. I'm proud of you! You inspire me to see what else I can dump. : )

  2. Impressive! We got rid of cable a month ago and just got netflix. We went through a withdrawl period too, but its been great to have the tv off. Although, I'm discovering I need to hide the wii netflix disc.

  3. Yay Heather! And hooray for a clean house! Our earned privilege is chores as well, it's fabulous... helps me get some really pretty floor boards too! Good luck with everything! I'm off to go and purge more too. All that free time to play and read will be something your kids look back on fondly! Doesn't it make you wonder what crazy/mean things they'll institute in their families? :-)

  4. Well done, give the kids a month and they won't look back. :)