September 29, 2010


I hate to wash dishes.  Even more though, I hate to wash muffin pans.  I love to eat muffins.  I just hate to wash the pans.  I could use paper liners, but it seriously bothers me that so much of the muffin sticks to the paper, thus wasting a large portion of the muffin.

It's a lose-lose situation making muffins at home - either I have to scrub out each cramped little hole (several times because it never comes clean the first time) or I cry as I throw away half the muffin stuck to the paper.

Enter Mookies.  Many, many months ago I decided to try making muffins on a cookie sheet.  It worked.  My kids loved it.  Mostly because they thought I'd gone crazy and was feeding them cookies for breakfast. Clean up was a snap.  So much so that I gave away all my muffin pans!

I've used a multitude of recipes and almost all of them work beautifully.  If the batter looks really runny, I'll add a bit more flour.

We tried many names for this new creation.  Cuffins.  Cookins.  Muffie.  MuCookie.  Mookies stuck.


  1. It's so simple you'd think we'd have all thought of it already. I got silicone cupcake liners that you spray with oil and still end up throwing out half the muffin!
    I'm trying these tomorrow AM!
    ps-I'm sorry about your bird :(

  2. Um, that looks delicious. You know you want to share with me.