September 12, 2010

The Newest Member of the Family

Last Sunday we had a birthday.  My first-born son turned 10.  I now have two ten-year-olds.  And that is making ME feel old.

For his birthday he received quite a bit of money.  We told him he couldn't buy any new Wii games unless they were "active" games.  We also said no to lots of little toys.  He decided to save up for the new Hogwarts Lego Castle.  But then.....

....he remembered that he really, really wanted a chicken for a pet, but the military housing office won't allow 'undomesticated' animals (don't even get me started). 

The next best thing was a bird.  So we headed to the pet store and looked at parakeets and cockatiels.  We came home with this lovely little girl.  
Her name is Brittney.  She's a baby cockatiel.  She's really nice and is learning to "step up" and be held.  At times she is fiesty, but she's quickly becoming a boy's best friend.
He wants to thank all the grandparents who gave him the money.  He's very happy with his new bird.  And I'm happy that I'm not the only girl in the house!!!!


  1. i like that bird. how much does it cost ? & which pet store can i find one

  2. What a lovely birthday present! So much better than a video game. Congratulations on having another "girl" in the house! :)

  3. ps: i didn't remember i wanted a pet chicken

  4. Hmm... Anonymous huh? I have a couple guesses as to who that could be ;-).

    I love the bird! So cute, but who is that kid in the picture?! Anyway, don't get me started on THAT! I hope it was a wonderful day and Happy Birthday buddy!

  5. Yes, I have an Anonymous 10-yr-old visitor....who has decided it's all sorts of fun to hack his mom's blog and leave comments!