August 29, 2010


My internet friends and I have been having an interesting discussion on education and religion and how to mix the two lately.  In an effort to learn more about effectively teaching my children I've been reading a variety of wonderful articles.  The one I'd like to highlight today is from Julie Beck, the president of the Relief Society (the women's organization in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).  You can read the talk here.

She introduces a way to prioritize your time and energy which I thought very profound and one that applies to all women, no matter their religious preference.

First, think of those things which are ESSENTIAL.  The things you need to do in order to be saved (whatever your definition of saved is).  Add to this the things you need to do in order to have your family be saved.  For my family it would look something like this - personal and family prayer and scripture study, attend my church meetings, live so I am directed by the Spirit that I may understand the will of the Lord.

Then add those things which are NECESSARY.  Cooking meals, cleaning the home, creating an environment where the Spirit would be welcome.  Learning skills of self-reliance and teaching my children (because I homeschool, that is a necessary here!)

The last category is NICE TO DO.  Reading a novel, going to lunch with friends, attending a movie and so on.

I still need to sit down and seriously work through my lists and what goes in each category but it is helping me to see what is truly important and what I can let go without guilt.  If it's not ESSENTIAL or NECESSARY then truly I do not need to worry.  Or lay in bed all night worrying that I didn't do enough or that I'm messing up everyone's lives.

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  1. Good thoughts here. I will read that article you have linked to. It is definitely relevant to all. :)