August 23, 2010

Master Grocery List

Here is my master grocery list in PDF And here is one in Word. It is arranged how MY store is arranged, making it easier for me to find everything.   You can change the Word one around to fit how your favorite store is arranged. Note - some things I buy in bulk from a natural foods co-op in my area so they are not on this grocery list (things like oatmeal, brown rice, craisins, etc).

I just take my menu and recipes (which are in a binder now) and mark what I need - it takes about 5 minutes.  I wanted to make pre-printed grocery lists for each week, but life happens and sometimes I don't get to the store on shopping day or I already have the ingredients on hand, or we have a birthday that week and they want something different.  Pre-printed meant I'd have to go through and figure out what I DIDN'T need and cross that off.  Too hard for me!!!


  1. I wanted to let you know the Word document is your master grocery list. But the PDF is NOT your grocery list. I appears to be about 38 pages of memorization/scriptures etc. It looks really good and I'm going to see how we can use it in our home school. I'm sure this must have been an oops with the PDF link, but thank you!!!!

  2. Thanks Chele! I fixed it. I'll be posting about that list in the next day or two. We're using it for dictation/memorization/copywork. I've added quite a bit since I posted it on Google so you might want to wait until I repost the new one!!!