May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Mayhem

Two fun stories about Mother's Day. My 6-yr-old has his first loose tooth and is beyond excited about it. We had friends over for dinner and the boys were off playing when my son ran up to me, literally jumping up and down with joy. "My tooth came out! My tooth came out! I lost my first tooth! Josh pulled it out with the cape."

Yes, his friend had put a cape in my son's mouth and yanked really hard in an effort, conceived by both of them, to get the tooth out. It worked and the tooth went flying. We were crawling around on our hands and knees for 15 minutes trying to find the tiny thing.

His older brothers helped him decorate the envelope for the Tooth Fairy. It read, "Ten bucks please. Will pay you back with interest."

My mom told me the next story about one of my sisters. She is trying to potty train her 3-yr-old son with some success. He'll pee in the toilet, but prefers not to poop. Such is his aversion to pooping in the toilet that he hadn't done any since Thursday and was clenching his butt cheeks tightly to make sure nothing came out.

Well, a big part of the family was over at my mom's for dinner when my nephew decided he couldn't take it any more and yelled that he needed to go NOW. My sister ran him into the bathroom where he exploded all over. She had to change him then clean up the mess. He was so keyed up from all the excitement that he wet his pants so she changed him again, thus running out of clean clothes for him. She handwashed everything and threw it in the dryer while he sat naked on a chair. Then he pooped on that chair. She had to clean it up. Another 20 or so minutes later and he proudly announced that he wanted to poop in the toilet. And did. Mom estimated that my sister spent over an hour cleaning up poop.

Happy Mother's Day to you all, especially those moms who are potty training!

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  1. What creative ingenuity to get that tooth out!

    Oh, it sounds like your sister handled that better than many.