May 24, 2010


Someone asked what resources I use for geography so I thought I'd post them.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make it all work.  We were doing it on Fridays instead of history and science, but the kids loved it so much they wanted to do it every day.  So we did.  The days seemed really long though and we weren't able to get everything done.  Maybe because I was moving slowly, maybe because we had too much planned, I don't know.  So I'm toying with moving it back to Fridays or doing history/science for a month then taking a week off to just hit geography.  Still debating, still planning, still clueless.
So, this is what I do, when I do it.... 

1. Check to see if Homeschool Creations or Knowledge Quest  has a unit study already done.  I typically don't use all the printables Jolanthe puts together, but she has great suggestions for books and internet videos.

2.  Use Galloping the Globe to get started (we own this book)

3.  See what books the local and base libraries have (usually none).  We try to study the country, the people, culture, religion, animals, etc.

4.  Look through the books we currently own:
a. Stories from Around the World
b. Material World
c. Around the World in 80 Tales
d. Children Just Like Me
e. Book of People of the World
f.  Hungry Planet
g. World of Animals
h.  We also have a few animal encyclopedias

5.  5.  Find movies on Netflix or by searching YouTube or the internet.

6.  6.  Try to find some crafts, recipes, games, etc.  Search the internet if the above resources don’t have any   suggestions (which they usually do).
7.  7. Start doing it!

8.  Have a party.  We try to have a party where we eat recipes from that country and show whatever crafts we did.  If they use different table manners we practice those as well.  

Once we’re done with a unit I try to:

1. Make a list of books we used and want to use again
2. Make a list of books we used and don’t want to use again
3. Make a list of books we wanted to use, but the library didn’t have (maybe we can use them next time)
4. List any activities we did.
5. Put the list in the Geography section of my Master Plan Book so I have it for the next time around.

I try to have 2 units planned at all times – the one we’re working on and the one we’ll do next.  That way we can order books from Amazon or the library in time. 

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