May 7, 2010

Middle Ages America

Here is the list for books we'll use when studying the middle ages and what is happening in the Americas. It's mostly geared towards the elementary and middle school ages. We will most likely do this right before we go into American history (as in the Pilgrims and such).


North America - 700 to 1500
Usborne Encyclopedia of World History 276-277
Between Earth and Sky: Legends of Native American Sacred Places - Joseph Bruchac
Clamshell Boy (Makah) - Terri Cohlene
Dancing Drum (Cherokee)- Terri Cohlene
The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet - Joseph Bruchac
Geronimo - Joseph Bruchac
Indian Book – Holling C. Holling
Is My Friend At Home? Pueblo Fireside Tales - John Bierhorst
Ka-Ha-Si and the Loon (Eskimo) - Terri Cohlene
Little Firefly (Algonquian) - Terri Cohlene
Many Nations – Joseph Bruchac
More Than Moccasins (Activity Guide) – Laurie Carlson
Native Americans (First Discovery Books) - Gallimard Jeunesse
North American Indians – Douglas Gorsline
Quillworker (Cheyenne) - Terri Cohlene
Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back - Joseph Bruchac
Turquoise Boy (Navajo) - Terri Cohlene
Very First Americans – Cara Ashrose
Wabi - Joseph Bruchac
Who Were the First North Americans? - Philippa Wingate

Aztecs - 1300 to 1500
Children's Atlas of Civilizations 82-83
Usborne Encyclopedia of World History 278-279
Aztec News - Philip Steele
Growing Up in Aztec Times - Marion Wood
Sad Night: The Story of an Aztec Victory and a Spanish Loss - Sally Schofer Matthews
Two Mountains: An Aztec Legend - Eric Kimmel
You Wouldn't Want to be an Aztec Sacrifice - Fiona MacDonald

Children's Atlas of Civilizations 84-85
Usborne 282-283
Incas (See Through History) - Tim Wood
Macchu Picchu: The Story of the Amazing Incas and Their City in the Clouds - Elizabeth Mann
Secret of the Andes

Central America - 500 to 1500
Usborne Encyclopedia of World History 280-281
Coyote: A Trickster Tale from the American Southwest - Gerald McDermott
Jabuti the Tortoise - Gerald McDermott
Papagayo: The Mischief Maker - Gerald McDermott
Stories from the Amazon - Saviour Pirotta
Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest - Gerald McDermott

Anasazi - 550 AD to 1300 AD
Anasazi - Leonard Everett Fisher
The Ancient Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde - Caroline Arnold

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