February 18, 2010

Need Australia help!!!!

We're learning about Australia right now, and I know some of you live there.  What are some must reads?  And what are some must studies?  We're planning on hitting animals like wombat, kangaroo, koala, Tasmanian Devil, and emu.  Major landmarks like the Opera House and Uluru and the Great Victorian Desert.  Australian words and life in the Outback.  What else do I need to cover???

Thanks you!


  1. Don't forget the great barrier reef!! I have a couple of printables that may come in handy for you



  2. Try the booklists on this website www.aussiehomeschool.com (go to "tool box" and "Australian Booklists") and also some great resources on www.downunderlit.com

    My personal favourites for picture books are "Possum Magic" and "The Ballad of Skip and Nell" by Mem Fox

    if you want to email me at tasjess (at) gmail.com I can post you a bunch of resources about Australia and especially Tasmania.

  3. For other good read alouds, try some of the poetry by Banjo Patterson (especially "The Man from Snowy River) and Henry Lawson. There is a poem by Dorothea Mackellar called "My Country" which is a bit of a national icon. Some of Henry Lawson's short stories also give great insight into the Australian Psyche. I love his story "The Loaded Dog", it makes me laugh every time.