June 19, 2010

The Tool Tradition

I have four boys.  Some day they will be men and fathers.  I feel that responsibility.  Heavily.  Last year, in order to prepare them for manhood, we started The Tool Tradition.  For Christmas they each got a quality toolbox and a hammer.  For their birthdays they will each get another tool, and for every Christmas going forward they will receive yet another tool.  Our hope is, that by the time they leave the house, they have a full collection of man-sized, man-quality tools with which to bless their families and those around them.

Our boys love it and look forward to adding to their toolbox.  They use them as tools, not toys.  My husband also gives them instructions on the proper use of said tools.  He is also trying to bring them along more often when he goes to provide service so that they may see charity in action and have a chance to learn new skills.  Last night we all learned how to drain a water heater and this morning how to install a new one.

Due to some comments I received, I'm updating this....we started when the boys were 8ish.   We did start the 6-yr-old at the same time because he's such a "buddy" with the older boys it would have been too hard for him to not get them.  And he's a little more mature about tools than other boys his age.  The 3-yr-old didn't/won't get anything until he's 8.

The toolboxes and tools are kept out in the garage and only accessed when appropriate (meaning when a parent says it's okay and they have work that needs to be done).


  1. I love this idea! I hesitate, though, to start my own boy on it for another couple years. Hmmm... Maybe I'll talk with my hubby about it and see what he thinks.

  2. How cool! Do you keep Zeke's (and possibly Jake's) for him/them? I think this is a fun idea... just wondering if maybe starting with an 8th birthday or something like that would ensure that proper use/safety is employed. Thanks for the idea! I feel the weight of your responsibility :-) It's good to have friends actively engaged in raising missionaries, husbands and fathers!

  3. Hey ladies, I updated above with the ages we started.

  4. Hi,
    I just came across your blog and love to see another LDS, charlotte mason homeschooler that lives in Texas. I too will have 4 boys, but I also have one lone girl :) Boy #4 is due this Sept. Great blog!

  5. What a fabulous idea. Off to chat to my dh now. :)