April 27, 2010

My Spring Menu

A dear friend and I decided to make seasonal menus and print them up with all the recipes and stick them in a binder so we will never, NEVER have to menu plan again. Pause for a moment and feel the wonder of that statement.

Each menu will be repeated for 3 months. So the Spring menu will be used for 3 months then we move into the Summer one. Thus far I have the Spring and Summer ones done. Still working on the others. I'm also working on a Breakfast and Lunch menu. I've had to make some adjustments already. Like last week when I made the Russian Mushroom Soup (which we've eaten many, many times and everyone likes) I was told to "never make this disgusting soup again." Nice. Also, I want to find more vegetarian and bean recipes so I'll be trying those on New Recipe days and if they work, I'll swap them out with a meat recipe. With each recipe on it's own page (in a plastic sheet protector) it will be easy to change the recipe.

Wednesdays are our busiest night because of Scouts so I tried to make sure that meal was the fastest/easiest to prepare.

Spring Menu

Week One
Monday –Hamburgers, baby carrots, fruit
Tuesday – Fried rice, fruit
Wednesday – French dip sandwiches, coleslaw, fruit
Thursday – Black beans and quinoa, veggies and dip, fruit
Friday – Cottage Cheese Enchiladas, salad, fruit
Saturday – Runzas, broccoli salad, fruit
Sunday – Chef Salad, bread/rolls, fruit

Week Two
Monday – Succotash, fruit
Tuesday – Falafel, salad, fruit
Wednesday – Make your own subs, baby carrots, fruit
Thursday – Kielbasa bowtie skillet w/peas or green beans, fruit
Friday – Pancakes, bacon or sausage, cottage cheese or yogurt, fruit
Saturday – Make your own pizza, veggies with dip, fruit
Sunday – New recipe

Week Three
Monday – Baked potato, salad, fruit
Tuesday – Creamed Chicken Over Something, green beans w/bacon, fruit
Wednesday – Mexican Stew, fruit
Thursday – Chef Salad, bread/rolls, fruit
Friday – Asian Pancakes, fruit
Saturday – Appetizer Night, spinach dip w/veggies, fruit
Sunday – Honey Lime Enchiladas, salad, fruit

Week Four
Monday – Chicken Salsa w/rice, baby carrots, fruit
Tuesday – Manicotti, asparagus, fruit
Wednesday – Fish tostadas, fruit
Thursday – Sausage, Potatoes, Sauerkraut, sugar snap peas, fruit
Friday – Lo Mein, fruit
Saturday – New recipe
Sunday – Leftovers or a recipe I missed earlier in the month


  1. Great idea! I might have to try something like that.

  2. Care to add your other menus :-) This is exactly what I've been trying to do... helps reserve braincells! I hadn't thought to do it seasonally though, that's wonderful!